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This area should provide documentation to support your scout during their quest for fun and achievements. Try the search function if you're not sure which document you need.

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Scouting Education

Cub Scout Camping Policies
THE Guide to Safe Scouting
"Leave No Trace"
Outdoor Program Guide

This documentation will guide you through running the event listed. From Contact info to Forms required.
Please use this FORM when you have Event info to submit and also to update documentation found here.

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Radio and Newspaper Community Calendar Ads
Basket Brigade
Sunday Breakfast Mission
Christmas Tree Recycling
      Check back often, more events will be added.


Conectiv - University Plaza
Conectiv - Edgemoor Plant Tour
WHYY - Visit a Media Studio
Swim Party
Cherry Crest Farm - Amazing Maize Maze
Ramsey's Farm - ** With Camping Option
Ski Trip to Jack Frost
Crystal Cave
Hagley Museum Tours
Carousel Park Hayride, Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch
Fishing at Carousel Park
The Pond - Ice Skating
Den Outing - Hike at Middle Run
Den Outing - Greenbank Mill
Crossover picnic
Blue Gold
Check back often, more events will be added.


Map of Camp Rodney Site
Personal Camping Gear Checklist - General
Personal Camping Gear Checklist - Pack-O-Ree
Summer Camp - NEW!
2006 Day Camp Achievements
Pack-O-Ree - NEW!!
Blue Rocks Sleepover
Troop 191 Cabin in Avondale
Brandywine Creek State Park (Ramsey's Farm)

Tents and Shelters

Sleeping Bags
Foil packs and More food ideas
Webelos Woods
Check back often, more events will be added.


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