Secretary Chair Position Guide

Basic Description of Position:

Rechartering Steps:

  1. Prep-work: Sign-ups and removal of dropped scouts in Sept – Nov; verification of roster through den leaders; read through Recharter packet from Council usually available at Oct Roundtable.
  2. Login to Internet Advancement site and download our current roster for comparison / cleanup.  Website:  Unit: 81098  Password: get from Committee Chair.    After the login screen, load roster from Council, then on the next screen, click on link for “Review Unit Roster” which will open a PDF with our current roster.
  3. Highlight names on Council roster that are no longer in Pack, so you know what to expect in the recharter process.  (some kids have dropped out, some moved on to Boy Scouts)  You may have some that have signed up since the roster was updated and are on our list but not council.
  4. Go through the tutorial online for instructions on how to Recharter.
  5. Go to the Recharter page on DelMarVa Council’s webpage - are choose “Recharter Now.”
Print 2 copies when you are done.  One will be signed and turned in during a Recharter session and one will be kept in the Pack files



Lessons learned from 2008 recharter:

Registered adults:

   We will only register the Den Leader, unless the Asst. can get trained in time for recharter.   We will need forms filled out by end of October.

   In addition, we will register the other positions that have to be filled.  (Inlcuded in recharter paperwork)

PackMaster should reflect these positions and we can track Asst. DL in the Remarks/Other tab of the Scout under "Parent Vol." Custom field.


Registering Scouts:

   We should have at least two leaders look over list in PackMaster prior to starting recharter process.  This should help us catch dropped Scouts and those that have not paid.

   Use PM to find Scouts that have not paid and address by end of October. Custom report called "Dues Paid Volunteer" shows payment status.

Tour Permit Required?


List of duties:

Take notes at Pack Leader Meetings monthly and communicate to all leaders.

Register new Scouts and Leaders

Recharter the Pack in November - December

Links to more information: