Awards Chair Position Guide

Basic Description of Position:

The Awards Chairperson is responsible for collecting awards needs from Den Leaders and delivering the awards to the Den Leaders at Pack meetings.

Tour Permit Required?


List of duties:

Collect award lists from each Den Leader

Complete necessary forms for Council for the awards on the list and submit to Henny at the Council office.

Fill out the award cards with the Scout's information and sort by den.

Deliver awards, by den, to each Den Leader.

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(1) About a week before the den meeting, send an email reminder to all cub leaders for award requests
Always get the cub's name so you can fill out the award card, then the awards can be expiditiously
passed out at the den meeting.
I always pick up the awards the day before the meeting... (don't wait and forget on Friday).
Therefore, I use a deadline of Wednesday night for award orders, so I can get them on Thursday.

(2) Fill out an advancement report for all awards you are getting which are in the first column of the blue sheet
I just pick a recent date for the "date award earned" column
List the names in alphabetical order, otherwise they will get upset with you
Belt loop and associated pins do not need to be listed on the report.
Webelos pins, rank advancements, compass points, and arrow points must be listed on the advancement report.

(3) Take the Advancement report to Henrietta and she will check and get you the balance in the account

(4) For some reason the scout shop is contracted out under the Council and is therefore a separate organization
which claims to know nothing. They will also stand there and count each of the penny advancement cards
so they can then charge you 10 cents for each of them. Therefore you will spend most of your time just
standing at the checkout for the honor of paying 10 cents for a penny card. They feel this is entirely appropriate.
This is the toughest part of the job.

(5) Before the den meeting I fill out the cards with the name of the cub and the award earned, then attach the pin, patch, or belt loop.
Always keep a buffer stock of at least 50 Webelos Activity pin cards and 50 Belt loop/ Pin cards
This is because they often run out of these cards.
Also keep a buffer stock or 2 or 3 of each advancement rank card, arrow cards, etc, because you are going to
spell someone's name wrong and will need an occasional extra card when you realized you goofed.
Also keep an extra patch and pin for each rank as they sometimes run out of these and the needle sometimes breaks off
the back of the pin.


The Awards Chairperson will generally give out enough Immediate Recognition Kits in September to get Den Leaders through the year. The Kit contains: the emblem, beads and thongs, pictured below.

*** ALERT *** The thong below was recalled in 9/2007. Discontinue use of this immediately. The Pack is having the dens make their own for now.