Hike at Middle Run Valley Natural Area

Maps of the hiking trails are included here. They are not very detailed but the hike for Tigers doesn't need to be very long either. There is a nice stream to cross with stepping stones that is a great turn-around point.

Map #1 - Image file

Map #2 - PDF

Map #3 - Greater Pike Creek walking map - PDF

The entrance to the trail is behind the large map in the Pike Creek Bible Church parking lot. November is a good time. The ground is usually hard enough we won’t have to worry about damaging the trails and we’ll be protected from some of the wind.
Meet scouts at Pike Creek Valley church on Polly Drummond Rd. There is a playground, so the kids can burn off energy while waiting for the entire group to arrive.
They have a couple different hiking trails that are very hilly, and go to the creek. We start by selecting good, sturdy walking sticks, for those who want to use them.
Teach the Scouts about trail maintenance, exercise, nature, ferns, moss, poison ivy, not littering, and hike to the stream where we can practice skimming stones.
Maybe eat some snacks, but bring the trash out, and hike back. Also let them know that people hike for exercise, and bird watchers go there too, and that mountain-bikers also actually ride those steep trails and go over rocks and logs and ride through the creeks.
Wear bright colors so bikers can see you.

If you have someone that can take pictures, it would go great with the scrapbook den meeting activity the boys do in November.

Also, have the boys collect a leaf or two for leaf rubbings.