Swim Party

Name of Event: Pool Party
Related Achievement: Boys earned the Swimming belt loop
Is a Tour Permit Required: Yes
Contact for Arrangements: Karen Reily-Mortan
Date (Any significant time of year or date): Any
Location: Boys and Girls club of Greater Newark
Accomodations if overnight: n/a
How far in advance should arrangements be made: If you are flexible
about the time you go, you don't need to much advance notice. Is transportation provided, if so what vendor was used(including
contact info): No. Parents responsible for transportation.
Parent permission slip required: No because parents where there too.
Cost to scout / family: Total cost was $300, we charged $10 per family
Does the event benefit a non-profit organization:
Web link for more info:
What forms are required to be submitted by scout(i.e. Ski form):
Additional Info: LINK